Busy little week

The rabbits had a much needed jump around the living room with us. Took lots of photos. jediklemlulu (27k image)

Had an Xmas luncheon yesterday with all the staff along with secret santa scarves and cake… Then in the evening a social event for all the families in PAPAS which turned out to be exhausting but fun. Really need this week to come to an end soon though for a bit of a rest… Friday’s when we hand the keys back for our old place. Nowt much to blog, watched The Gift the other night. Predictable, but scarey in places. 3 Lulus. I need to catch up on all my reviews. I’m about to finish The Dirt- Motley Crue’s autobiography. Tommy’s in prison for wife beating right now… it’s a disturbing read. Anyroad, that’s yer lot for today, back at the weekend probly. All the best, gwyn

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