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About the Through The Viewfinder Technique

The Kodak Duaflex IV/ Pentax K110 ChimeraEvery now and again I take a digital photo through the viewfinder of an old dual lens camera. Here’s the archive.

There’s not much to it in terms of materials. Check out ebay for cheap kodak duaflexes or brownie starflexes, order one (or more…), rig up something to match the focal point of your lens at full zoom, cover it with tape to totally block out light leakage and go for it.

They don’t make film for these things any more the idea is you take a picture with another camera Through the Viewfinder (Ttv) of what it sees. You end up with slightly distorted, vignetted, dusty, square images that are really pleasing to the eye. I was inspired and bought the first camera I saw on eBay. It’s been a while since I used eBay and my original bid of 5 dollars was soon outbid and I got caught up in the competitive bidding and finally snapped it up at the last second for 20 bucks and it arrived today. You can probably get them cheaper, but what the hell…

The next step after cleaning the lens and mirror a bit was making it light proof, there’s a tutorial on how to make a perfectly fitting tube, but I couldn’t be arsed with all that… I ripped up the box it came it and went into a sellotaping frenzy… 10 minutes later… behold!

Next step is wandering around seeing things from a waist-high angle for a while and getting used to the mirror image while Drsita and Atticus look on bemusedly.To make a long story short, I’m very happy with me new toy.

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