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100_1280Over at Flickr there’s an option to leave “testimonials” about your contacts. These people were kind enough to say a few words, and I really should get round to returning the favour…

Aranza says:

So why do you call yourself Guanatos Gwyn, then?
“Because Gwyn’s my name, and I feel like I’m from Guanatos…”

Gwyn made me rediscover and get to know parts of my city that only an outsider totally captivated by strange and foreign places could…

Maryl_ says:

“Gwyn is a very talented photographer and I’m glad to have been lucky enough to meet him. His way of capturing Mexico is unique and you instantly realise his love for our country.

Personally, I’ve seen his photos and every day they get better. I love how he takes the best angles and colours of any thing, person or object available to be photographed. His talent is natural and his personality charismatic and happy.

Thanks for being one of my contacts and friends, you have such a great talent and i hope to have you back in México soon!!!”

Abuela desde Guanatos en Casa says:

“Gwyn is a photographic chronicler of Guanatos, his photos range from realistic to abstract.
In each of his photos you can see his pleasure in the food, colours, places and characters all captured with his camera lense.

It’s been a pleasure to join him on phototours. Wherever he looks, he takes a photo.

ego2005 says:

A Guadalajaran who was born in the UK, on a mission to show us daily life, common things that we no longer see. Gwyn, although still British, lets us feel his Mexican spirit in each of his incredible photos.

playabalandra74 says:

“Definition of Gwyn: An English Guadalajaran with a steel stomach that can deal with tacos, tortas ahogadas and all the other Mexican snacks, a fan of the lucha libre and a magnificent photographer of the countryside of Jalisco.
Thank you for showing us our country from your special point of view through your photos. :D”

Charro Negro. says:

“British by birth, Tapatio (Guadalajaran) by conviction. Gwyn’s photopraphy is spicy and revitalises whoever sees it, in the morning after a night on the tequila, accompanied of course bya torta ahogada. One of the best testimonials yet expressed to this “noble and loyal city”. Thank you, Gwyn, for your work and for dedicating yourself to Guadalajara. Un abrazo, compradre.”

cacafuego says:

“Tequila, food and Guadalajara, what more do you need? Well, maybe a few things, but Gwyn gives us a view of everything that’s important in this beautiful town.

John_F says:

“tequila o no tequila, eso es la cuestion. Despite the rather floppy ears (of his pets, I hasten to add) Gwyn has an eye for composition and colour that complements beautifully the places he lives in and visits. Guadalajara comes alive every time you look at these photos..”

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