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All this could be yours to own.Imagine if every week* you checked your email and saw you’d received a message from a friend with a lovely picture from round Salt Lake City way and a brief description of the photo.

Imagine how much easier it would be dealing with the other things clogging up your inbox if you’d first seen a picture of Utah at its finest.

Imagine if in between the sea of Facebook alerts there was an email where you didn’t have to worry whether you’d been tagged or not.

Imagine that if you ever got sick of receiving said daily slice of Big Sky Country you could cancel at any time.

Imagine no longer…

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It’s what’s known as a win-win situation… you get emailed a photo. I get a boost to my ego and a reason to keep on publishing the blog.

If boosting my ego isn’t enough motivation, think of the schipperke, more photos= more walks.

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* ish.

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