Day 2

I wasn’t up to blogging yesterday. I can’t believe that that right-wing religious twunt has got himself another 4 years. I went to bed with a glimmer of hope, but checking in on the results at 6am the next day was like a punch to the gut. It stems from having lived in the most liberal towns in the most liberal states in the union, I suppose. It’s easy to forget that there’s a huge amount of fundamentalist zealotry between the two points, all too eager to get out and put in their intolerant tuppence on gay marriage, womens rights, and “god” knows what else. Such bigotry is hard to fathom. Exit polls showed the #1 concern of voters in the red states was “Moral Values”, and the Iraq war was #4. How is that possible? It makes Bush’s “crusade” all the more aptly named. Back to 16th-century family values for all.

I’ll put a new poll up on the front page soonish and link to it regarding the best place to flee to… Middle Earth for Kathy and Vance, Canada for Jesse…

To end on an up note, prop 63 passed in California. Where despite Arnie’s best efforts, millionaires get a new 1% tax to go toward mental health initiatives, and stem cell research gets a few billion federal dollars. It’s something to hang on to i s’pose.

More thoughts soon as the rage subsides. Gros bisoux, gwyn

Countdown to Fiasco 2004 (c) The Daily Show

As a tourist in this continent with a delicate temporary immigration status they won’t be letting me vote tomorrow. Nor ever, since I have no plans to repatriate myself thank you very much. Despite four plus years of taxation, there’ll be no representation apparently. I’ll be voting in Taunton Deane Borough Council come election time in Blighty though. Oh yes. But the ramifications won’t be quite as dire as what could happen if Bush “wins” again. It feels like Christmas right now, as a child, and the tension’s killing me, I can’t wait for the results to come in. I have to reckon that Kerry’s going to win though by some razor-thin margin. The only thing in Bush’s favour is that (me mate) Jesse, for one, has vowed to move to Canada if he gets in. And it’d be nice to have a friend to visit in Vancouver…

So there we have it. My prediction is in… Hope springs eternal and all that. If I’m wrong and the Bush/Valdemort ticket wins after all, then there might well be a lengthy blog-silence as I shut myself off from the world and rock gently in the corner of my office pondering my options.

Yet another quake…

3.4 in Boulder Creek, just down the road… Went to see “what the bleep do we know” last night, but due to confusion over which cinema, we ended up seeing Napoleon Dynamite and falling asleep for last 20minutes. That’s always the danger with eating out and polishing off bottles of Malbec. Don’t think I snored too loudly, but it precludes me from reviewing it.

Am off to sort out Adrienne’s computer this morning, then we’re looking at a house which Sita has designs on. Still looking forward to goth night. Turns out its fancy dress- which doesn’t translate in America and sounds very quaint. Nope, they’re costumes over here, none of your fancy dressing, thank you.

Had a chat with me mum, she’s feeling a bit ill and is convalescing (sp?) for her trip out to CA on Veteran’s Day, less than 2 wks away. I’m taking a week off work to travel around a bit and show her the sights of Santa Cruz and surrounding areas in its famous rainy season.

I also rejigged the gallery page slightly this morning. Righty am off for computer first aid. Nos vemos, cheers, gwyn

Live through this…

Haven’t had time to sneeze all week, but thanks to some fairly heavily applied peer pressure I went with Sita, Tanya and Scott to see Courtney Love last night at the Catalyst (in downtown Santa Cruz). And contrary to all my expectations, she rocked. I’ll edit this entry later for a fuller review.

Other upcoming notable events are, going round scott’s tomorrow to dine and meet his mate then on to a party where there are going to be goths. Fixing computers tomorrow morning, seeing some kind of film tonight, and enjoying the sun on sunday… Not a riveting entry this one, sorry. Shall definitely update it later. Righty, thanks for calling by. Don’t be a stranger now…

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