National Fatherhood Initiative Training Day

Went to a conference today about an hour away, near the bridge thing on the way to San Francisco. Pretty informative, PAPAS appears to be doing it right on helping get dads involved in their families and got a few ideas about how to recruit more families… “Door hangers” is one strategy used which i’m presuming is adverts you put on door knobs on people’s houses, like in that episode of The Simpsons where Bart delivers flyers in a Matrix stylee, and also asking for help from rotary clubs, who’ve been generous enough to Musgrove Hospital Children’s Ward in the past.

One speaker was a little scarey, going on about Wedlock and Marriage and God whispering into the baby’s ear in the womb. He was, rightly, heckled afterwards, but we’d had to hand in our evaluation forms before he graced the stage which was a tad annoying. His grand finale was a little too close for comfort to David Brent’s “Simply the Best” exit. I saw him skulk away from the building afterwards… Granted, we share the same ideas about helping dads who want to be more involved get more involved… but the door should definitely be open for parenting help for father figures in general, non-biological fathers, same-sex couples and all kinds of non-conventional family structures. Hmmm. Well, you can pick and choose what you take away from these things even if you have to put up with a lot of conservative crap along the way. Nice dessert, mind.

Anyroad, just got back and Sita’s nowhere to be seen and her folks are arriving in a few hours so I shall busy myself for a bit around the homestead. Ooh, and while I remember if anyone can recommend me some episodes of This American Life to download I’ve got a long car journey coming up soon and would be glad of advice, cos you get the occasional crap one… comments welcome.

See you later, or “Vi ses s?nare” as they say in Sweden,

“Gywn” (according to my pre-printed conference name sticker)

1.5 on the Richter Sdale

Sita just pointed out that we were in the midst of an earthquake. A couple of tequila bottles were wobbling on the shelf. The bunnies didn’t notice anything though, so there goes that theory… Anyroad, i’ll check online to see if anyone else reported owt and post a link if something happened. Ah, life on the San Andreas fault. I’m glad I’m not still teaching, the earthquake drill was never properly explained- it’s all duck and cover under desks and then if you think it’s stopped then go outside. How you decide this was never fully explained…
Update- 10:30am : It was a 5.0 near Paso Robles again about 200 miles south of here…
earthquake (16k image)

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