1.5 on the Richter Sdale

Sita just pointed out that we were in the midst of an earthquake. A couple of tequila bottles were wobbling on the shelf. The bunnies didn’t notice anything though, so there goes that theory… Anyroad, i’ll check online to see if anyone else reported owt and post a link if something happened. Ah, life on the San Andreas fault. I’m glad I’m not still teaching, the earthquake drill was never properly explained- it’s all duck and cover under desks and then if you think it’s stopped then go outside. How you decide this was never fully explained…
Update- 10:30am : It was a 5.0 near Paso Robles again about 200 miles south of here…
earthquake (16k image)

Adios al G-Pig y Conejito

Puff and Merlin’s mum came to collect them. Sita is vaguely threatening acquiring our own guineau pig, but i’ll do my utmost to avoid that one coming to pass.

In other news, I had my second interview today for the project manager position, but I won’t find out till early next week what the outcome is. This is the space to watch for news… We organised a social event for the PAPAS families last night, click that link to have a look at the pictures (only broadband for now, dial-up version coming soon…). I still faintly smell of burger fumes from barbecuing a hundred or so. Me cooking burgers at social event at PAPAS

Off to celebrate (co-worker & friend) Judith & Carlos’ pre-wedding at Bittersweet Cafe tonight, tis quite a posh place so i’ll let you know if they let me in or not.

Me mum’s talking about a visit to Santa Cruz in November, which is rainy but has plenty of whale watching opportunities and that, and to meet the grand-rabbits, is the main objective. Looking forward to that, like.

That’ll be all for now, hoping to see a film or two this weekend, and I’ve still got to review House of the Spirit Levels properly before it fades from memory, so that may be it fow a few days.

And Ms.Manatee, if you’re reading this, i hope the lack of activity in your blog over the past few days is because of too much fun, or cakes, and not hurricane related. Alrighty, cheers for now, all the best,

Bye Bye to rodents, Jon Stewart’s about, & GET FIREFOX NOW

Puff and Merlin are being picked up in a couple of days. We’ll have to have some kind of celebration/ tea party to see them off. I don’t reckon Merlin will notice any change, mind. Puff will be missed.

On me way home to blighty t’other week, i listened to the Jon Stewart’s audiobook on America- Democracy Inaction- a grand listen and the best bit is he’s off promoting it around cable TV land, so yesterday we got to watch him on “The O’Reilly Factor” (A Rupert Murdoch-sponsored, right-wing talk show bastard-fest) defending all that is true and right. O’Reilly scolded him for saying “Je ne sais quoi” since they’re boycotting France for their Iraq stance on the program. Stewart says that’s bollocks and why not boycott Saudi Arabia, then? Anyroad, long story short, O’Reilly came off worse for once, having invited someone with an ounce of intelligence. Huzzah.

On the techie front, i’m switching my browser to Firefox, it’s ace. Especially with the new Explorer that installed itself at me with the XP Service Pack 2 thingy and seems to rival your average bonfire night for pop-ups. Can’t recommend it enough. Get Firefox!

Just finished the House of the Spirit Levels

Quite enjoyed this book, but I thought this paragraph on smoking was inspired:

It’s like inviting a homicidal maniac to live in your house, but you don’t know when he’s going to strike. He’s affable, polite, helps you through moments of stress, helps prolong the post-coital glow, really freeze-frames the moment, but one day, he’s going to come into your bedroom and chop you into small bits. But there’s a thrill to it. Maybe you’ll be one of the ones he likes…

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