Countries I’ve been to

worldmap (8k image)This map (created by a generator thing) show all the countries I’ve passed through. Sita’s would probably have a lot more red. I passed up the chance to go with her to Morocco one weekend, Italy another. And I never went to Portugal that time because I had to work… Still it’s quality, not quantity, no?

Today we’re off to Tequila again, their festival finishes tomorrow. I want to be here in Gwod tomorrow because it’s The Virgin of Guadalupe’s saint day and there are various processions and other photo ops going on. Also it’s Sally and Martin’s 35th wedding anniversary- Many congratulations and best wishes. Traditionally coral or jade, apparently.

And here’s the US states I’ve been to: Basically, Massachusetts and California and everywhere in between. Also if the American Sociological Association held an annual conference in a state in the last 5 years, that’ll be there too. Now all that remains is a map of Somerset where you select the postcodes you’ve been to and it tells you what percentage remains to be seen. Minus Bridgwater. And maybe Chard. I’m not sure about North Petherton neither, last time I passed through someone had scrawled Royston Vasey over the name of the place on the ‘welcome and please drive slowly’ sign.

And while I’m here, there’s some new photos from Friday on Flickr that include the world’s biggest coffee, autostitched terracing, dancing (not me, obviously), and what is currently the only picture on Flickr tagged “Otorrinolaringologos”. Echate un vistazo aqui, guey

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