Jimadores en Santa Teresa, Jalisco, Mexico

I uploaded this video to the wrong YouTube account… never mind. I’ll re-upload to mine at some stage… Till then, enjoy. I might get round to subtitling it in English, too. But don’t hold your breath 😀 I was having a bad Spanish day but… the gist is basically that they recognise me as the gringo who went paparazzi on them a while ago by the train track and ask if I have any photos from then to show them, then we chat about the job. They’d been working since 7/7.30 that morning and it’s hard work as you can see. The agave piNas weigh 40 kilos plus, and they’re all destined for Cuervo’s La RojeNa factory. Anyroad, hope you like it. There’s a DVD quality version if you fancy a copy. With a menu and everything… I´m available for multimedia projects, weddings, quinceañeras, bah mitzvahs…

8 thoughts on “Jimadores en Santa Teresa, Jalisco, Mexico”

  1. What’s this, calling Sita a ‘gringa’! Even with immediately following explanations. Es una chirlandesa, verdad….

  2. What rich offerings Mexico gives us! Whole websites full of albures, specialised scatological vocabulary, pendejadas, etc. And I thought the ‘chingar’ variations were complex…

  3. Gwyn, ya habia oido esto deljimador y le dije a Sarita: se alburearon a Gwyn el que prefiere ir a Holywood que a Dallas… jajaja es mejor que digas hare escala en dallas

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