State of the Allotment

Coming along nicely. This weekend I’m going to sort out the automatic irrigation once and for all, though I have to admit that watering the plants by hand first and last thing every day is good for the soul.

Atticus approves ‘n’all.

5 thoughts on “State of the Allotment”

  1. Thanks Beth! It’s the first year of all this, house owning and being in one place for more than 11 months and that so it’s all quite exciting. Pardon my exuberance

  2. Cheers T!
    Miss you too- when can you guys visit? I’m massively out of practice on the scrabble front…

  3. Not sure. We’re in the process of a big move at the moment. Maybe next summer we’ll drive to the west coast instead of flying and stop on the way. I’ve been playing lots of scrabble against my ipad, but haven’t played many games against an actual person lately 🙂

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